At AzTAP, we are committed to serving our community by making assistive technology widely accessible. To that end, AzTAP keeps track of what we do and how we impact the people we serve.  A review of our data for the past 5 years (2008-2012) shows that we are a resource for:

Finding Services and Getting Answers to Assistive Technology Related Questions

  • 3,296 persons received information and assistance when they called or emailed AzTAP about assistive technology issues

Providing Opportunities to Try Out Assistive Technology at No Cost

  • 4,284 persons borrowed a total of 12,825 devices from AzTAP’s Lending Libraries
  • 4,397 persons participated in AT Demonstrations, exploring 2,164 devices to identify  products and features that would meet their needs

Making Assistive Technology More Affordable:

  • Our financial loan programs approved $124,655.00 in low interest loans, making it possible for people with disabilities to buy the assistive technology they needed.
  • Consumers saved $308,113.00 by using our AT Exchange website to locate and obtain pre-owned assistive technology.
  • Consumers who received free devices through AzTAP’s open-ended, long term device loan program saved $20,830 compared to buying those devices at fair market value.

Reaching Out to People through Educational Events:

  • 5,729 individuals participated in assistive technology education and training events sponsored or conducted by AzTAP.

Importantly, we take pride in our work and it shows:

  • Our customer satisfaction surveys show that, on average, more than 95% of those who use our services and respond to our surveys report high satisfaction with their AzTAP experience.