AzLAT and SEED Loan$ reflect an innovative, highly collaborative public/private partnership involving the Arizona Technology Access Program (a project of the Institute for Human Development at Northern Arizona University); the AzLAT Consortium representing other disability-related agencies, consumers and service providers, Arizona MultiBank Community Development Corporation, and the Arizona Community Foundation. Funding for the program was provided in part by grants from the Department of Education’s National Institute for Disability Rehabilitation and Research (NIDRR) and the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust.

  • Arizona Loans for Assistive Technology (AzLAT), is a consumer driven, statewide alternative financing program created to make affordable loans available to persons with disabilities for the purchase of assistive technology devices.
  • The Arizona Technology Access Program (AzTAP), Arizona’s Assistive Technology Act Project, is a federally funded program of the Institute for Human Development at Northern Arizona University. AzTAP’s mission is to help people with disabilities understand and gain access to assistive technology through education, training, direct service, technical assistance, outreach to rural and minority populations, and feedback to state agencies and private industry regarding AT-related policies, regulations, and practices.
  • Arizona MultiBank Community Development Corporation, an Arizona 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is an initiative of the Arizona Bankers Association. Arizona MultiBank was established in 1992 to operate an investment pool that is funded on a long-term basis by Arizona lenders. Arizona MultiBank is certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (“CDFI”) and provides financial assistance and technical access to support for the advancement of small business, low-and-moderate income housing, nonprofit organizations and economic development.
  • The Arizona Community Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3), which serves as a form of charitable “savings account” where donors accumulate and preserve philanthropic capital and distribute invested earnings to a wide variety of charitable beneficiaries both inside and outside of Arizona. We are here to help donors meet their philanthropy goals and to help ensure that community needs are identified and met. In 2001, our endowment included more than $323 million in assets, and we distributed $18.3 million in grants to other nonprofit organizations.