Assistive Technology can be expensive, often making affordability a problem for persons with limited or fixed incomes. However, there is also an abundance of assistive technology devices, adaptive equipment and durable medical equipment (DME) no longer needed by or useful to their original owners.

AzTAP has three programs that give consumers direct access to reusable assistive technology. These reuse programs create an opportunity for those who need AT to obtain it at significantly lower cost and even, occasionally, at no cost. An added, “green” benefit is keeping usable equipment out of Arizona landfills.

  • Arizona AT & DME Reuse Coalition – This website is designed to provide a comprehensive and searchable listing of all participating Arizona programs providing assistive technology & durable medical equipment (DME) reuse activities.
  • AzTAP Open-Ended Device Loans – Depending on availability of equipment, AzTAP will work with consumers to place older, but still highly usable AT devices directly into the hands of individuals for open ended, long term loans.

For more information about these programs, click on the links above or contact Clayton Guffey at 602-776-4699,