Periodically, AzTAP offers some of its older, but still useful AT devices for free, open ended, long term loans. Items in this category are available to individuals, families, or organizations for long term use, while remaining the property of AzTAP. The terms of agreement for long term loans are as follows:

  • Borrowers agree to use all equipment at their own risk.
  • Borrowers agree to report to AzTAP any equipment that is lost, accidently damaged, stolen or destroyed.
  • Borrowers acknowledge that AzTAP assumes no responsibility for maintenance, updates or repairs on this equipment.
  • Borrowers will contact AzTAP to discuss return of equipment for ecological disposal if equipment ceases to operate or is still operational but is no longer needed.
  • Borrowers will notify AzTAP of changes to their mailing address, telephone number (s) and/or email address on file for the loan.

Items available for long-term loan are now posted on AzTAP’s Assistive Technology Exchange (ATEX) site. 

For more information, contact us at  or call 602.728.9534.