COVID-19 Operation Plan 2021-04-06T15:54:32-07:00

Updated: 4/6/2021

Due to health concerns associated with the Coronavirus or COVID-19, AzTAP is continuing to make the following changes to our operations.  

Office Hours: The AzTAP office will remain open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.  Office visits are strongly discouraged, so please call or email us for assistance or services.

Staffing Update: One staff member has remained in the office full time since the beginning of the pandemic and the initiation of our COVID-19 operation plan.  While employing the use of PPE, social distancing and office sanitization we have been slowly progressing to phasing our staff back into the office.  We are returning to approximately a fifty percent staffing level with three staff members in the office each day and the rest continuing to work remotely.  

Client Services:

Equipment/Device Loans: AzTAP will continue to provide short-term equipment/device loans via our own program as well as the Arizona Department of Education lending program with the following adjustments:

Procedure Update:

Due to decreased staff in the office we will need extra time to fill equipment loan requests.  We are also designating Tuesday and Thursdays as our main loan shipment days.  

Our preferred lending method for all loans is shipment via FedEx.

  1. For loan equipment we are not able to FedEx ship we have implemented a “reduced contact” pick up and drop off process.  The process employs the following basic policies:  

    1. Borrowers must schedule an appointment with AzTAP staff to pick up and drop off their borrowed equipment at our office.

    2. Borrowers must sign and return the borrower agreement prior to picking up requested equipment.  They will receive a signed copy when their loan equipment is picked up.

    3. Borrowers will call AzTAP at the provided phone number when they arrive at our office. One of our staff members (wearing a mask) will bring the equipment down to the borrower at their vehicle. To facilitate social distancing borrowers are asked to stay in their vehicle and AzTAP staff will place or load the equipment in their vehicle.

    4. AzTAP requests that discussion about the loan equipment occur via phone, email or another virtual format either before or after the equipment is picked up. 

Equipment/Device Demonstrations: Direct, in-person equipment/device demonstrations have been suspended until further notice.  When feasible, equipment/devices requested for demonstration will be shipped via FedEx to the customer and the demonstration will be done with the Assistive Technology Specialist using a virtual, real-time format.  Otherwise, device demonstration requests will be taken and placed on a wait list.

Training & Technical Assistance:  Face-to-Face, educational training’s and technical assistance for community organizations have been suspended until further notice.  Our staff members are available to discuss needs, provide consultations, and answer any Technical Assistance questions via phone or email.  Otherwise, training and technical assistance requests will be taken and placed on a wait list for follow-up at a later date.

Public Awareness Events: AzTAP staff will not be attending community events unless remote participation is an option.  We will consider future participation in community events on a case by case basis.

Please note that other AzTAP services will continue to operate as usual. These include:

Assistive Technology Reuse:  AzTAP’s online AT/DME Reuse services have not changed and remain fully operational. Our staff members will continue to serve you via phone and email to answer questions about our AT Exchange and Reuse Coalition sites, assist with the posting of ads or the search for equipment as well as with identifying other Reuse resources.   

Alternative Financing: The Arizona Loans for Assistive Technology (AzLAT) program services have not changed and remain fully operational.  Program applications and information are available on our website or they can be mailed to you.  Our staff members are available to answer questions about the program, assist with the completion of applications and take new applications via email, telephone or other electronic mediums.  

Information Assistance and Consultation: We will continue to provide telephone, email and virtual consultations on Assistive Technology products, services, and other resources such as funding options. 

Our goal is to continue to serve the assistive technology needs of Arizonans with disabilities and to do so safely.  We will continue to monitor the developments in the pandemic and make every effort to be sure our policies and practices promote health and safety for our staff and community.

If you have specific questions about or need clarification on any of these protocols please do not hesitate to contact us at 602.728.9534 / 1.800.477.9921, via Relay 711 or via email at