AzTAP’s AT Lending Libraries allow individuals to borrow equipment for limited time periods and try the item(s) in places where they will actually be used such as at home, school, or the workplace. The purpose is to assist in making a more informed decision as to whether the product and its features will be useful to them. AzTAP offers two separate programs, both of which are free of charge to approved users who reside in Arizona:

AzTAP AT Lending LibraryPacking equipment for device loans

AzTAP AT Lending Library – Devices can be borrowed by persons with disabilities, family members, service providers, etc. for two weeks at a time. Devices may be picked up from the AzTAP office or can be shipped/returned at no cost to the borrower.

Please note that if you work for a school district or charter school and you want to borrow devices to try with a student for evaluation or classroom use, please access our ADE AT Short Term Loan Library (see below).