Success Stories

Achievement through Technology: Real People, Real Stories, Real Success!

The following is a story that highlights how the services of Arizona Loan$ for Assistive Technology (AzLAT) benefit Arizonans who need funding to buy assistive technology.

A.’s Story  – Consolidation

AzLAT’s unique client-services approach often provides our clients with benefits beyond simply allowing them to secure a loan to pay for their assistive technology. This was the case with A, a 72 year old who came to us needing a $3300 a loan to buy hearing aids.  A, who lives on Social Security Disability and a small pension, initially did not qualify for an AzLAT loan because she had $5,600 total debt, consisting of three different pay-day loans and a Care Credit account.  Determined to help A, our AzLAT Program Coordinator worked with AzLAT’s financial partner, MariSol Federal Credit Union, to consolidate the four loans.  By using the client’s car as collateral, the team was able to consolidate the loan at a lower interest rate, reducing the required monthly payment substantially from $606 to $201!  Now, even with the additional loan for the hearing aids (which added $98/month to the payment), the client was not only able to get the hearing aids she needed but also still pay $307 less every month!

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