NAU AAC Evaluation and Training Program

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices are systems, strategies, and tools that replace or support natural speech. Determining the best speech-generating device (SGD) requires the expertise and experience of skilled clinicians who work in collaboration with the client, their family, and other service providers. The Institute for Human Development (IHD) has been providing comprehensive AAC evaluations to children and adults with complex communication needs for more than 20 years.

Our Focus is on Excellence:

Experienced Teams: Our evaluation and training services are performed by an experienced team consisting of a Speech Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist.

Community-Based Services: We provide comprehensive services for clients, families, and support teams within the individual’s preferred, natural environment.

Remote Services: We offer remote telehealth services for intake, evaluation, and training through secure video conferencing with families and support team members.

Interprofessional Teaming: We review detailed client information and seek input from family and support team members regarding the client’s communication needs and abilities.

A Feature Match Approach with Device Trials: Each evaluation includes hands-on device trials with a range of communication devices. The client’s individual needs are matched to a device with the necessary features to make an appropriate recommendation.


We accept referrals from DDD, as well as DDD-contracted Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) Mercy Care and United He