Assistive Technology News & Updates – April 2024

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Please join us in acknowledging and celebrating… National Assistive Technology (AT) Awareness Day: Wednesday April 17th, 2024

National Assistive Technology (AT) Awareness Day celebrates the significance and essential role that AT plays in the lives of individuals with disabilities. AT empowers people with disabilities to participate fully in their communities, classrooms, and workplaces. This day also honors all who are involved in assisting individuals with disabilities in finding and acquiring suitable AT options tailored to their specific needs. The following is a link to more information about the National AT Awareness Day.

Success Story: Reuse Service – A blast from the past…

Intellikeys in use. Keypad in foreground with screen on desk.

Recently a family contacted AzTAP to inquire about finding a software called IntelliTalk. IntelliTalk, from the education software company IntelliTools, was a writing software program with audio feedback that was last in use in the early 2000’s. IntelliTalk later was rolled into a comprehensive education program called Classroom Suite.

Classroom Suite also worked along with an alternative access keyboard called the IntelliKeys. Their family’s adult daughter had been successfully using this software and keyboard for computer access and typing for years, but their copy of the software was lost in a computer failure.

Story booklet: Hello Michael. It was very nice to meet you the other day with my family and friend, Gillian. We got the computer tower home and were able to connect everything. We powered up the computer and waited for the classroom suite to load. We had a problem. There was no sound. It took some time to figure out what the problem was. But once we did, it worked perfectly. Thank you for all your help. It made me very happy. (graphic: Made by Tabitha)

AzTAP had a copy of this software in our inventory and since it was no longer commercially available we offered to make it available to the family. The family brought her repaired computer to the AzTAP office and one of AT Specialists was able to get it successfully installed. We lent it to the family to test it out at home so they would be sure it would work/meet their needs.

The family ended up purchasing the software from AzTAP for $86.25, a 75% discount from the software’s original cost of $345.00. Their daughter wrote a thank you story booklet to AzTAP using the keyboard and her new software. 

Check out our new AT Devices in Inventory:

Eyedaptic EYE5 glasses.

Category: Vision – Eyedaptic EyesAzTAP inventory #53609

The Eyedaptic EYE5 are lightweight eyeglasses that support users with Macular Degeneration by using a patented natural vision software to capture, manipulate and re-display visual images, thereby optimizing the user’s functional peripheral vision.

Category: Daily Living- Hominid X Fiber GraspAzTAP inventory #53611

Hominid X Fiber Grasp provides an assistive, strong grip where one is lacking, and is adaptable to allow the user to maintain a solid grip on a variety of items such as cups, soup cans and utensils.

Hominid X Fiber Graps being used to support a water bottle.
An Expression speech communication tablet device

Category: Speech Communication – Lincare AAC Expression 10 & Lincare Expression 7 (AzTAP Inventory #53579 & #53578)

These Expression series are iOS-based speech generating devices. Both devices come preloaded with industry leading AAC apps of your choice installed, Bluetooth speakers, sturdy kickstands, carry cases and a shoulder strap.

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