A Hype-free Discussion of Generative AI (Pt 2): Brainstorming Applications, Issues, and Best Practices June 21, 2023 at 4:00 pm

In Part 2 of this double session on generative AI (and specifically ChatGPT), AT consultant Shelley Haven will leaded a guided interactive discussion to brainstorm various ideas and issues:

–Propose applications for generative AI to enhance teaching and learning
–Identify significant issues that impact using generative AI in education
–Suggest best practices that encourage responsible and ethical use.

The implications for generative AI in education are simultaneously exciting and concerning. We are likely at an inflection point similar to 20 years ago when education began integrating the Internet, and 40 years ago when schools started employing desktop computers. Consider this discussion as a beginning – the information, insights, and ideas gained will help you continue the discussion about AI in your school, district, or practice.

Learning Outcomes

1.  Understanding AI: Explain why “generative AI” like ChatGPT is unique and ground-breaking and how to get effective results when using it.

2.  Uses for AI: Name at least three novel applications of generative AI like ChatGPT in education (both teaching and learning).

3.  Best practices for AI: Name at least three strategies for harnessing generative AI in education while addressing concerns such as cheating, plagiarism, privacy, and ethical use.

Note: these learning outcomes apply to the combination of both Part 1 and Part 2 of this double session.


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