AAC Implementation Playground June 22, 2023 at 11:15 am

Given the advancements in and increased access to technology, a wide variety of AAC solutions are available. Although hardware and software are ever changing, the need for quality therapeutic support remains constant. Speaking is the major mode of expression in a typical classroom. Students use speech to answer questions, to ask questions, to share information, to socially interact with peers. Many literacy skills are learned and evaluated through verbal modalities. The language learning activities within a classroom, as well as the routine opportunities to interact, are the most natural conditions for a student who uses an AAC system/device to learn. The challenge for the educational team is how to integrate classroom activities so that the student is able to learn academic skills, participate in conversational

Key Learning Outcomes

1) Learn to use Chat Editor to create a variety of visual supports for Word Power
2) Use PASS software to create manual communication boards
3) Will modify three games from the new AAC Language Lab to use with students on different language levels and language systems
4) Learn to use new AI technologies ChatGPT and DALL-E to enhance your therapy sessions

Potential second session with Access Playground
1) Learn to use and adjust eye tracking settings to participate in a therapy activity
2) Learn to use and adjust head tracking settings to
3) Learn to use assistive touch is iOS to adjust alternative access settings for a user


Legaspi / Predebon / Walker
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