Building Self-Employment Capacity within State and American Indian Voc. Rehab. Programs June 21, 2023 at 1:00 pm

Self-employment is an important employment option for people with disabilities. VR agencies, however, close fewer cases than expected when compared to national self-employment rates among people with disabilities.  This presentation will highlight research about some reasons for low rates of self-employment closures within VR, and then shift towards showcasing two free and comprehensive online resources meant to overcome some of these barriers. The VR Self-Employment Guide ( was developed for VR programs and the Tribal VR Self-employment Toolkit ( was developed for American Indian/Alaska Native VR programs.  Both resources include 8 chapters and multiple worksheets to assess consumer readiness, business feasibility, and business planning. Participants will receive a tour of the VR Self-Employment Guide and consider how it might support their work with consumers.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Attendees will identify barriers to self-employment within their own programs.

2. Attendees will become acquainted with two free online resources to assist consumers in self-employment exploration and business planning.

3. Attendees will learn how to conduct consumer readiness and business feasibility exercises to help consumers evaluate if self-employment is a good choice for them.


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