Finds Their Way: Communities for Native Youth Transition June 21, 2023 at 2:30 pm

In collaboration with tribal, state, and community partners, the Sonoran Center for Excellence in Disabilities (the Sonoran Center) has created Finds Their Way: Communities for Native Youth Transition. The project addresses unique needs and challenges experienced by Native American youth with disabilities by utilizing a multifaceted and indigenous approach. The goal is to increase access for Native students with disabilities to skill development, knowledge, services, and supports to participate in long-term competitive integrated employment careers. In it’s second program year, Finds Their Way staff discuss the building of a landscape analysis, best practices, and continuing/future efforts for upcoming years.

Key Learning Outcomes

During time at the presentation, attendees will:

1) Discover benefits of a Cross Cultural Tribal Community Collaborative approach to addressing transition outcomes for Native Youth.
2) Understand the importance of a Native American-led transition to employment framework for Tribal youth responsive to culture that focuses on improving education, post-secondary, and employment outcomes; and
3) Establish a basis for creating similar project activities in individual service areas that can be effective, seamless, and sustainable transition approaches for Native American youth with disabilities at the state and local levels.


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