Hearing Loss Technology FAQ: So Much to Know! June 21, 2023 at 10:45 am

The technology solutions and strategies available for individuals who experience hearing loss continue to improve and evolve. The influx of device options means that there is much to learn. This is your opportunity to increase your knowledge about the basics of hearing loss technology along with the latest advances. This session will provide an in-depth overview of technology solutions that individuals with hearing loss use for communication and environmental awareness. Tools and strategies for education, the workplace, home, and the community will be explained and discussed. Time will be allocated between sharing information, device demonstration, and exploring practical uses through case studies. Join us to learn about all the latest solutions and strategies for hearing loss access.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate three technology advances with hearing aids.
2. Demonstrate at least one accessibility solution for each of the following: school, work, home, and community access.
3. Demonstrate three apps that create access for hearing loss on mobile technology devices.


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