High Leverage Practices & Literacy for Students with Complex Needs June 22, 2023 at 2:00 pm

What is “functional literacy?” If we look at where we want students with complex needs to be by adulthood, what skills do we need to focus on in Kindergarten? How about all the years in between? Students with complex needs will use literacy to learn about their world, to entertain themselves and to direct their care. This session addresses High Leverage Practices in instruction including #11 Identifying learning goals, #12 Systematically designing instruction, #13 Adapting curriculum, #15 Scaffolding supports, and #16 Using explicit instruction. A focus on backwards planning for literacy from graduation to Kindergarten will be addressed.

Key Learning Outcomes

1) Identify and prioritize long and short term literacy goals.

2) Recognize the need to make strategic decisions about content coverage.

3) Explore strategies to make instruction explicit.


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