Improving Student Outcomes Through Work-Based Learning! June 22, 2023 at 9:30 am

Research shows that when high school youth get the opportunity to participate in work-based learning experiences, they are more successful vocationally after they exit school. In this session, the Sonoran Center will share information about their Pre-ETS partnership with Arizona Vocational Rehabilitation, which focuses on developing community-based, work-based learning experiences for students, with an emphasis on those in underserved areas. Our model focuses on implementing many of the Predictors of Post School Success and Employment First practices, as a method of improving student outcomes. Our model emphasizes community work experiences, interagency collaboration and increasing parent involvement to raise expectations. We will share how we are promoting community engagement and collaboration with outside agencies, to ensure a smooth and seamless transition after exiting school.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Participants will learn about various Predictors of Post-School success, that lead to improved outcomes.
2. Participants will learn the strategies the Sonoran Center utilizes to promote interagency collaboration for students, while they are in school.
3. Participants will learn some of the strategies utilized by Sonoran Center staff to support students during their work experience.

Presentation Materials


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