Incorporating Access and Sensory Strategies Transparently into Multiple Environments

June 22, 2023 at 8:00 am

In our post-pandemic educational, therapeutic, and workplace environments, levels of anxiety have created issues surrounding both access to and the ability to complete tasks. In dealing with individuals, professionals have sought to provide sensory relief and then return those individuals to the tasks at hand. In reality, a combination of sensory support and alternative approaches to AT usage can allow individuals to create self-regulating habits as well as increasing their own cognitive and workplace abilities. This session looks at providing levels of transparency with both AT and Sensory Supports within any environment to assist in this process. In a hands-on format, we will review ways of approach in both Access through AT and self-regulation through socially and environmentally appropriate manners providing ideas for these environments.

1. Participants will identify strategies to create transparency with AT_x000D_
2. Participants will interact with various sensory strategies which provide support for all individuals._x000D_
3. Participants will design a foundation for the movement into transparency with both AT and Sensory Supports


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