Modifying Online Interactive Tools to Get More of Our Students Engaged June 22, 2023 at 9:30 am

Teachers have been exposed to many educational learning activities and games, however many times they are difficult to access for students who are not reading and writing independently. Students with disabilities benefit from the opportunities these tools provide, but teachers must have the knowledge to tailor them to meet the needs of their students. This presentation will provide an overview of popular tools and demonstrate how the activities can be created so that students are provided with the support they need to enjoy participating.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Participants will have an understanding of popular educational technology tools known to increase student engagement (such as Kahoot, Pear Deck, Google Slides, and EdPuzzle).
2. Participants will understand how to utilize these educational technology tools with students who are not reading and writing independently.
3. Participants will be able to access resources to create learning activities for the students they serve.


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