Que Pasa with Bilingual UNIDAD Intervention for the Monolingual SLP? June 21, 2023 at 10:45 am

While best practice guides clinicians to support all languages needed by the AAC user, implementation of bilingual intervention often brings more hurdles than effective results. This presentation will provide practical strategies and ideas for creating engaging, relevant, and fun lesson plans that support the development of AAC language skills in both Spanish and English. The webinar will include a review of key components of UNIDAD clinicians need to be aware of for bilingual users. A framework for creating lesson plans and a review of bilingual resources will be provided. Lastly, attendees will leave with three bilingual lesson plan ideas that can be implemented tomorrow.

Key Learning Outcomes

1) Participants will demonstrate a fundamental understanding of UNIDAD by identifying key features that support bilingual AAC users.
2) Participants will identify three factors to consider when selecting target words for bilingual therapy sessions.
3) Participants will learn how to create a culturally relevant lesson plan based on a bilingual lesson planning framework and resources available online.

Presentation Materials


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