Ready, AEM, Read: Adapting Books for Students with Diverse Learning Challenges June 21, 2023 at 1:00 pm

Using the principles of Universal Design for Learning as a guide, it is possible to facilitate meaningful participation in reading activities by altering access, content, and materials. For emergent literacy learners, an interactive literacy kit containing a book, an adapted version of the book, and a combination of toys, games and activities relating to the book can provide exposure to reading, writing, listening, communication opportunities, fine motor, math, and more. Scaffolds created or displayed with commonly used software, web-based tools, and classroom manipulatives provide a multitude of creative opportunities for all. Come explore ways to adapt books and create rich thematic units incorporating literacy and learning. Participants will be provided with free online resources for composing electronic versions or print-based book adaptations, and book kits.

Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Name three or more adapted book design features that can benefit learners.
  2. Identify three or more ways technology can be used to assist in the production of adapted books.
  3. Recommend three or more resources described in this session to learn more about adapting print to provide increased access for all.

Presentation Materials


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