Supported Employment to Success the Arizona VR Way…Simplified! June 22, 2023 at 2:00 pm

Supported Employment can be a success for all disabilities in meeting the Employment First Goal and meeting WIOA Federal and Arizona VR definitions.  This session will touch upon educating, implementing, and understanding philosophical information in using Supported Employment within Vocational Rehabilitation Job Development and Retention Services through examples of successes, discovery, and touchpoints. It will teach, simplify, and give knowledge and understanding of Supported Employment through Vocational Rehabilitation Services that will make Arizona an Employment First State for all disabilities.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Participants (Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and Supervisors, Providers, Community Agencies, Clients and Guardians/Parents) will have a clear understanding of supported employment and the potential for successful results when using a proven methodology.

2. Participants gain a better understanding of what is required WIOA Federal guidelines, VR Policy and Procedure, and Employment First.

3. Participants gain an understanding of the importance of ongoing Collaboration and Communication between VR Counselors, Providers and Clients (Guardians when applicable).


Bradford / Van Hook / Hyde
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