The Power of Positives: Implementing Targeted Social Emotional Supports

June 22, 2023 at 2:00 pm

There is increasing and compelling evidence that good social-emotional health is a critical component for the achievement of positive life outcomes. There is additional evidence that teaching effective social-emotional skills is as important as teaching academic skills and teaching them should begin early! However, children with challenging behaviors may not always be included in early childhood settings where they can benefit from good social-emotional support. This session will focus on the implementation of advanced tiers of positive behavior supports in the early childhood setting.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Overview of the Pyramid Model_x000D_
2. Identifying the Importance of Teaching Social Emotional Skills_x000D_
3. Implementation of Social Emotional Skills: Developing Friendship Skills, Enhancing Emotional Literacy Skills, Controlling Anger and Impulse, and Problem Solving


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