Our Impact – By the Numbers

At AzTAP, we are committed to serving our community by making assistive technology widely accessible. To that end, AzTAP keeps track of what we do and how we impact the people we serve.  A review of our data during the  2018-2019 fiscal year shows that we are a resource for:

Finding Services and Getting Answers to Assistive Technology Related Questions

  • 2828 persons received information and assistance when they called or emailed AzTAP about assistive technology issues.

Providing Opportunities to Try Out Assistive Technology at No Cost

  • 809 persons borrowed a total of 3,579 devices from AzTAP’s Lending Libraries.
  • 999 persons participated in 370 AT Demonstrations and Consultations, exploring devices to identify  products and features that would meet their needs.

Making Assistive Technology More Affordable

  • Our financial loan programs have approved low interest loans valued at $28,991, making it possible for people with disabilities to buy the assistive technology they needed.
  • Consumers saved $124,780 off the MSRP by using our reuse activities and assistance with finding potential funding sources.

Reaching Out to People through Educational Events, Newsletters, the AzTAP Website, & Social Media

  • 1,437 individuals participated in 57 assistive technology education and training events sponsored or conducted by AzTAP.
  • Thousands of people learned about assistive technology devices and services at 97 public awareness events such as conferences, fairs and expos.

And finally, customer satisfaction matters to us

  • Feedback gathered from our customer satisfaction surveys shows that, on average, more than 95% of those who use our services report high satisfaction with their AzTAP experience.