AT Reuse


AzTAP is committed to promoting the “re-use” of Assistive Technology (AT). Reuse is the term used when AT that is no longer needed or used by its original owner is made available to a new owner. Since AT can be expensive, these programs provide an opportunity for those who need AT to obtain it for free or at substantial cost savings.  An added “green” benefit is keeping usable equipment out of Arizona landfills.

Specifically, AzTAP offers the following reuse initiatives:

Arizona Assistive Technology Exchange (AT Exchange)

A classified ads style site like Craig’s List for just AT and DME items

Arizona Assistive Technology & Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Coalition (AT & DME Reuse Coalition)

A searchable, comprehensive online listing of the services of participating Arizona medical equipment loan closets and other related resources

Open-Ended, Long Term Device Loans

Periodically, AzTAP offers some older, but still useful AT devices from our inventory for free, open ended, long term loans. Items in this category are available to individuals, families, or organizations for extended use, while remaining the property of AzTAP.

Discounted Refurbished Computers

AzTAP has partnered with Achieve Human Services and RefurbIT – their computer refurbishment program – to provide access to low cost refurbished computers and iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, etc.). There are two programs available to Arizona residents interested in buying high quality refurbished devices, one for the general public and one that provides an additional discount for people with disabilities who receive one of our qualifying public assistance benefits.

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