Assistive Technology Consultations

An assistive technology consultation is a collaborative process involving AzTAP’s assistive technology specialists, the client and possibly other persons who are part of the clients’ support network, such as a family member, teacher, therapist, VR counselor, etc.

The goal is to identify appropriate assistive technology based on the person’s unique needs: their abilities and limitations, what they want to be able to do, where they will be using it and what experience if any, they have had with assistive technology. The features of different devices are explored and compared.

Consultation often involves device demonstrations as well as short term equipment loans. Funding issues and resources may be identified and explored. An assistive technology consultation differs from an AT evaluation in that the consultation is a less formal, non-medically orient process and does not result in a formal written report.

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AT Specialist consulting with a client about her needs
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