Technical Assistance

Discussing Technology for Hearing Loss
Discussing Technology for Hearing Loss

AzTAP offers technical assistance at no cost to organizations, state agencies, schools, and businesses etc., to improve the organization’s ability and capacity to address the assistive technology needs of their staff, clients, or the general public. Technical assistance typically involves an ongoing relationship with the requesting organization, development of a plan including recommendations for equipment and/or services, implementation strategies and follow up.

Examples of technical assistance provided by AzTAP include:

  • Helping a local nonprofit disability agency with a school and day program to integrate an onsite assistive technology program to better service their clients.
  • Working with a law school to develop and implement an accommodation plan for a student with hearing aids who needed additional amplification to better hear and process classroom lectures and peer group interactions.
  • Providing recommendations to government health agencies for using assistive technology to effectively communicate with persons with disabilities when distributing medications as part of emergency preparedness procedures for potential pandemic events or other medical disasters.

If you have a need for technical assistance or would like more information on this service contact AzTAP at or call 602.728-9354 / 1-800-477-9921.

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